The Tasca Product Line

Tasca Work Light


Tasca Uno is the core product line offering a range of arms and mounts, including bolt down, clamp and magnet base, as well as unlimited opportunities for custom attachments to suit specific application needs.

UV Curing

Tasca Light Cure

Designed for the curing of light cure resins used in fiberglass layup and repair, and surface finishing applications, Tasca UV cure lights deliver the power of the sun anywhere it is needed, inside or out.

Tasca Color Viewer

The Tasca LED Color Viewer includes 5 LEDs - 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K and 5000K , all at 90CRI, for viewing color samples under the most used LED light colors, from incandescent to daylight. Operation is simple, with dimmer control to evaluate each color at varying intensities.

Renovar Group


Tasca Renovar is founded on the concept of recycling and re-use of quality mounting arms and brackets from vintage and classic lighting products. These are captured from the open market, then refurbished and updated with new LED light sources and quality components, including Tasca lighting heads.

Custom Tasca Fixtures


Tasca provides a wide range of customers specialty products, from rebuilding and modifying a classic and favorite old task light, to special application products. Examples include 2-color (Red/White) Navy bridge lighting, inspection lighting, welding light, and NUV light curing.