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Designed for the curing of light cure resins used in fiberglass layup and repair, and surface finishing applications, Tasca UV cure lights deliver the power of the sun anywhere it is needed, inside or out. Typically, the sun delivers a widely variable amount of cure light of the necessary wavelength to initiate photo-curing resins. Further, weather, time of day and the physical availability of the target product to be cured frequently precludes the use of natural light. Artificial cure lighting is the solution, delivering a known quantity of the right light, anytime, anywhere it is needed.

The Tasca UV LED Cure Light Advantage

While HID cure lights have been available for many years, these sources take time to come up to full brightness, are fragile, and deliver a wide range of undesirable white and damaging UV light outside what is needed for light curing. These sources also present a burn hazard to operators, and a fire hazard. Finally, HID sources cannot be practically switched on and off on demand, due to their long re-strike time, requiring they be left on during large projects.

Tasca UV cure lights use LED technology to deliver pure UV cure light, without the heat and waste. Tasca LED cure lights are instant on, delivering 100% of their total light immediately. There is no issue of restrike time, so they can be shut off when not needed, and re-energized only when curing.

Tasca UV Cure lights are built to order, and designed to serve for many years of reliable service. Each Tasca fixture is Made in the USA with components Made in the USA and imported from quality component suppliers when necessary. Tasca UV Cure Lights are professional products that include integrated carry case with programmable digital cure timer to deliver maximum performance and a product lifetime of at least 35,000 cure hours (420,000 5-minute cure cycles). In addition, as it is with all Tasca lighting products, factory rebuilds and repairs are available to protect your investment.