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SLA Print Cure Cube The Tasca SLA Print Cure Cube - PRELIMINARY RELEASE
SLA Print Cure Cube

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Light curing of fiberglass resins, putties, fillers and gel coats eliminates the waste of catalyzed materials, and provides extended working time for layup and smoothing surfaces prior to curing. The cure cycle is in complete control, initiated only when light is applied.

While HID sources are usable to deliver the desired cure light, these sources require start up time, and cannot be turned on and off as needed due to long re-strike times. The result is exposure of delicate glass bulbs being run, with their associated heat, which is hazardous in tight project and manufacturing environments.

LEDs offer the advantage of instant on that can be switched off at any time and restarted instantly. LED sources also generate a fraction of the heat of HID sources, and do not rupture if exposed to sudden movements or shock. LEDs also generate only the light energy needed, with no waste light that is not needed for curing.

All Tasca UV cure lights incorporate LEDs a wavelength ideal for activation of most photo-initiators used in commercial resins.. Tasca products are constructed to deliver long service life, which includes thermal control components to operate the LEDs at their lowest possible temperature to extend their life.

Tasca Light Cure LED products are Made in the USA by hand, and fully tested prior to shipment to insure each product works perfectly out of the box, and for years of reliable service. We also support all Tasca products with service, rebuilds and repairs to protect our customers investment.

The SLA Print Cure Cube is an 8"W x 8"L x 12"H 3D part conditioner delivering a total of 32Watts of radient power (85 System Watts). Includes driver/power supply. Fully assembled and ready to operate out of the box.

Simplay place the part inside the cube and switch it on. Full part conditioning is usually accomplished in 15-30 minutes (depending on part wall thickness and complexity). Works with all SLA 3D printed parts to increase hardness and reduce tackiness, including Form Labs 1+ and 2 SLA printers.

Can also be used to cure light cure adhesives, such as Bondic and Loctite. Also facilitates permantely gluing 3D printed parts together using printer resin as an adhesive, cured inside the cube.

Download the preliminary release spec sheet here: SLA Print Cure Cube

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