Uno Task Light

The  foundation of Tasca is its lighting head.  This is a modular component made up of a housing, electronic driver, LED array and Optic. Each component is replaceable and re-buildable. The lighting head power cord is disconnected and the arm mount removed with one fastener for service. Spare heads can be kept on hand for use while others are being serviced at the factory. This is not a throw away import made from cheap materials. This provides opportunities to integrate lighting permanently onto equipment or work stations. With Tasca, only those parts subject to wear or failure are replaced. The Tasca head is backed by more than 57,000hrs of continuous testing in our own facilities under wet, cold, hot and oily conditions, without failure.

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Uno Task Light

Uno with Articulated Arm

The Uno head is the baseline for mounting options. These hard working arms are designed for versatility and adaptability. There are two primary types offered; Flexible and Articulated.

Flexible arms are available in 6" to 30" lengths, and are 5/8" diameter, with excellent stay power and easy forming to create the aiming you need.

We also make custom articulated arms with various rise heights and extensions to suit a special applications. These are particularly well suited to work benches and other locations where rigid fixing of the head location is desired. Contact us for your specific requirements, and let's see what can be done to find the perfect solution.

All arms can be ordered with brackets from wall and surface mounts to magnets and clamp mounts.

In addition to arm mounts, Uno can be adapted to mount to tripod stands, surface wall or bench mount, as well as straight yoke magnet for attaching to machinery.

For complete details on standard Uno mounting options, download the product specification sheet. Detailed dimensional drawings for special mounting brackets, and custom bracket designs are also available upon request.

Tasca Uno Delivers

Uno Comparision
Uno Comparision

Compare Tasca to any conventional or competitor LED product and you will see how well we perform.

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