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About tasca

Tasca is a product brand of Lumenique, LLC, owned and operated by Kevin Willmorth, a lighting designer, product developer, and active solid-state lighting industry participant. He formed Tasca Solid State Work Lighting out of his interest and passion for task lighting spanning three decades.

"I have always liked the quality of halogen lighting, but not its fragile nature and heat. Fluorescent is an efficient source, but is too large, and has other undesirable characteristics that make it an ugly source for task lighting. LEDs present a great mix of a small intense source like halogen, with efficiency that puts fluorescent to shame. This was what drove me to create Tasca"

K. Willmorth - Founder and Owner

Made in the USA with US and imported Components

Tasca products are designed and built in the United States utilizing components sourced from the USA whenever possible - unless lack of available alternative from a viable domestic source forces us to look elsewhere - which is an unfortunate reality with electronic components and SSL technology. We continuously search for products manufactured here in the USA, and replace imported components when they can be found here. Products are also made to customer order. This means we can deliver special orders in small quantities (down to one at a time) and accommodate unique requirements of any size or need.

Kevin L. Willmorth


Kevin has been involved with lighting since 1981. His experience includes electrical system design, lighting design consulting, product design, marketing, business strategy, and editorial writing. His past positions include positions include Owner of a Lighting Design Consultancy, VP of Design and Marketing for Kim, Winona, and Visa Lighting, VP and Director of Product Management Renaissance Lighting, and VP of Design – Lighting for Atlandia Design.

He currently owns Lumenique, LLC, offering product design, prototype development, testing, and strategic consulting to manufacturers, application design and technology evaluation for building owners, and Tasca.

He is also Editor Architectural SSL magazine and contributing author on lighting topics for NZB magazine.