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Lumenique and Tasca are clearing out old inventory, meters, testing devices, LED boards, and fixtures. Visit the Tasca Online Store for current inventory: Online Store

Lighting first

Whether you are engaged in a critical task at work or working at perfection in your personal shop, great lighting makes a big difference. Light that is strong enough to enable exceptional visual performance, that is also comfortable to work under is an important combination. Comfort includes controlled heat, freedom from dazzling arrays of sparkling LEDs, and a smooth light pattern that provides enhanced visibility around the task focus. Having this all in a dependable light that is tough enough to stand the rigors of daily use is a welcome relief from today's cheaply made import throw-aways. 

 Tasca Fixture

Why Tasca

Tasca delivers a super-smooth light pattern pushing more than 800 lumens (measured from the fixture, not just the total of the source LED), putting 200+ foot-candles (at 18") where you want it without rings, streaks, pips, or hot spots.

Tasca was designed by a lighting professional weary of working under compromised task lights that were hot to the touch, delivered narrow hot-spot distributions that created harsh shadows, used multiple LEDs that created multiple shadows and hot spots, were too delicate to stand up to any abuse, or simply were too weak to be bothered with.  Tasca work lights are no-compromise products that deliver outstanding light for working environments, with no harsh shadows, zero flicker, no heat in the light pattern or surfaces below, contained within heavy duty construction capable of delivering many years of reliable service. It's the type of product we've been looking for, and use ourselves throughout our own facility. Not because it's our product, but because they work so well.

Tasca is also founded on the principles of Made in the USA, as well as made-to-order production. That means we can deliver customization, special mounting, added features to suit unique requirements, like UV curing, two-color light sources, specialty controls, and adapters to mount fixtures almost anywhere. There is virtually no challenge we won't take on to deliver the perfect work lighting solution for our customers.